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Case Studies


The Apple Watch integration is awesome; one quick glance gives you status and reports of all servers right on your wrist. The included monitoring tools, VMware support and multiple network access coupled with excellent application design and performance in both Android & Apple iOS make ITmanager a clear winner.

John Lyristis
Spike Networking

ITmanager is a flexible and handy app that I recommend checking out if you’re a data centre or network administrator who is seeking a consolidated set of tools for the iPad.

Will Kelly
Tech Republic

I’m using [ITmanager.net] on a new iPad Air. The touch accuracy on the devices has given me in my opinion the first useable Windows RDP experience on an iPad. Everything I’ve tried in the past has not been that great. I also love the VMware aspect of the app! 

Geoff Smith
Carta Worldwide

LOVE the App! Use it daily on my iPad and will do for the foreseeable future. Managed to replace 5 ‘other’ apps with just ITmanager.

Rob Wallace
Hectic Interweb Magic

I no longer have to reset passwords from my desk. I can also add groups, lock people out, and change names. Support is also very responsive! Five stars all the way!

Tyler Lyon
Hospice Care of South Carolina

This app is almost too good to be true! But it really is amazing! This wonderful app consolidates so many powerful functions into one app, replacing the need for so many other individual apps. The interface is extremely user-friendly and fast. Being able to access so many admin modules on the go is so helpful. This app puts you in complete control of your networks, domains and systems wherever you are. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Aaron Gewirtz
Hatzalah of Miami-Dade

The current version is a great product! Definitely brought the portable back to my iPad!

Antony Warding

A must have swiss army knife for IT managers. Clean interface and packed with features. I frequently access our businesses servers to run simple scripts and the ability to quickly do it from my phone or iPad is great!

Eric Haan
Vander Haag’s

It is just perfect for technical people, it has RDP, SSH and many more features. 

Sameh Ainakhbi
Saudi Geological Survey

At LTT Vending we are in the process of migrating all of our users to BES10, we needed a tool to help respond to any end user problems whenever and wherever ITmanager for BlackBerry allows us to do just that. We met some of the guys from ITmanager at BlackBerry World and were really impressed with what the app did, so it made sense to deploy it to all of our BlackBerry admins and IT support personnel. We’ve been able to push out software configs from within the app to users in the field in seconds rather than log on to a PC, open a browser, log in to the BAS find the user and then assign the software config. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated, it has to work and this app works brilliantly.

Jonathan Stannell
LTT Vending

The best network app ever! Does what 4 or 5 apps do and more all in one.

Nick Thakurdin
Paarl Media

The ITmanager app allows me the freedom and flexibility to be onsite at a remote site and quickly and efficiently handle any administrative tasks on the servers. 

Scott Sivulich
CCS Early Learning

I am an IT manager, part of Pullmantur Cruises currently on board one of the ships, and I am using [ITmanager] to access the servers and computers remotely from the tablet. 

Mihail Lazar
Pullmantur Cruises

This is by far the best Android port yet. If you didn’t see the back button at the bottom you would never know it was a port. It is incredibly snappy and works absolutely perfect. Add the connector and you can do so much. I purchased the native version which works via the work perimeter but this release does so much more. Add to all that, their support is impeccable. Great job! 

Jeff Gerard
Wawanesa Insurance