The Saranac Central School District

The Saranac Central School District

The Saranac Central School District in upstate New York serves 1900 to 2,000 students, faculty and staff in 4 schools. The District maintains an IT department with 4 full-time staff who provide on call technical expertise and support across 42 servers and all networks.

How Helps

Jamie Steenberge is the Network and Systems Technician for the school district and has been using since the service was first available. Upon requesting a trial, he found the reboot and remote password reset tools invaluable. Today, Jamie finds the monitoring tools are most valuable and provide the IT team at Saranac with notifications on server uptime and network traffic.

One Friday evening when Jamie started receiving notifications on his mobile phone from a disaster recovery facility that was periodically going offline. Jamie noted how a particular UPS was managing power fluctuations and assumed it to be from a weather related incident. The following day Jamie confirmed that the local power company was managing significant voltage surges. Jamie believes his early detection and reporting abilities were invaluable in managing that situation and allowed him to provide additional support and technical assistance to staff working through the weekend at various locations whose PCs and phone systems had been affected. 

“Rebooting servers remotely is never an easy task. I was travelling to Boston, was asked to reboot servers remotely, and used on my phone, to process the entire request while receiving notifications when the server was both offline and then back online. I find these efficiencies invaluable.” – Jamie Steenberge