Do It All Technology

Do It All Technology

Tony Burrows owns and operates Do It All Technology as a Managed Service Provider for 2 small enterprise firms that are between 120 and 300 miles away from his home in Rochester, Minnesota. Over the past 11 years, Tony has delivered his professional IT expertise for a reseller of heavy equipment in the construction and logging industry and for a commercial HVAC company. 

How Helps

The quality of Tony’s service is enhanced by the features and benefits he finds in using Tony frequently uses the mobile app to monitor servers, laptops, phone systems, and batteries. He finds the SNMP monitoring for tracking input voltage to UPS batteries and alerts from the voice gateway phone system invaluable. 

Tony uses in many different instances including when he received a call during tax season from an accountant who was preparing a tax filing and was locked out of one of his user’s accounts. Tony was in transit when he pulled over to the side of the road, opened and granted access to the accountant with user permissions.  

On another occasion, one of his clients was maintaining 2 remote sites with a site to site VPN tunnel that kept dropping its feed. In order to find a solution, Tony set up ping notifications from so he could test remote servers at both sites and send out notifications to Google and see if the tunnel or the internet connection or both were dropping.’s Enterprise server features helped Tony asses and find patterns on outages so he could correct these problems. 

“What I found (from was an exceptional commitment to customer service which earned my trust. In fact, when I offered up several feature requests, the firm incorporated these into the next version of the product. I find the user-friendly interface to be intuitive and I have come to value the service because of the company’s ongoing commitment to customers like me who need remote access. It just works!” – Tony Burrows