for BlackBerry 10 Supports SSH and Telnet is continuing our support for BlackBerry by implementing SSH and Telnet features into the 2.1 for BlackBerry 10 release. Use your BB10 to manage your UNIX, mainframes, routers or switches with our new SSH and Telnet features. New SSH and Telnet Features for BlackBerry 10: SSH with password or key authentication Connect over […]

Read More… Supports VMware ESXi and vCenter Server

Our customers responded and we listened! Thanks to overwhelming feedback, the team implemented VMware ESXi and vCenter Server features into the 2.3 for iOS release. With the new VMware features of, admins can now diagnose and resolve critical virtual machine management tasks from their iPhone or iPad. New VMware Management Features: Manage […]

Read More… Sponsors BlackBerry Live Conference

The month of May is going to be an exciting time for Smarter Apps. The team is working hard to wrap up support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry devices on the upcoming release of BlackBerry Live Conference To celebrate the launch of BlackBerry support for, Smarter Apps is heading to BlackBerry […]

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Smarter Apps Releases 2.1 with Ping, Traceroute, Whois and DNS Lookup

Smarter Apps is happy to announce the immediate availability of version 2.1 on the iTunes App Store. We have added the most requested features and included bug fixes based on our customer’s feedback. New Features New features in this release include a number of commonly used network tools, such as Ping, Traceroute, Whois […]

Read More… 2.0 Released with SSH, Telnet, VNC, ARD, RDP & Windows Management

Smarter Apps is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 2.0, which was released today on the iTunes App Store. The updated release includes many new features including SSH, Telnet, VNC, ARD, RDP as well as Windows Management functions. This app is very, very good! Congratulations…we love on our iPads! Network Administrator from […]

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