Announcing 3.1: Available on Android and BlackBerry 10

The team is proud to announce the release of 3.1 for Android and BlackBerry 10! Due to popular request, we’ve added a ton of Windows Server management features. On top of the existing Windows features, 3.1 now allows you to: Reboot and Shutdown Windows Servers Start, Stop, Pause and Resume Services View […]

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Announcing 3.0: Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Announcing the new Private Network Connector! Our newest feature is a secure VPN built into the app allowing you to manage any server behind your firewall from your mobile device. The Private Network Connector works on a Cellular or remote Wifi connection without the need for VPN software. Benefits of the Private Network […]

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Browse VMware Inventory Trees, Clusters and Folders using’s latest Release for Android & iOS

The team has had a busy month preparing for a dual release on both Android and iOS platforms!  Thanks to all our customers for the great feedback! System Administrators can use either Android or iOS devices to browse VMware Inventory Trees, Clusters and Folders, as well as search long lists of Virtual Machines in […]

Read More… 2.6 for iOS Now Supports Active Directory Management

IT Administrators can now use their iOS devices to perform Active Directory management tasks on their Windows domains. 2.6 with Active Directory Management is now available at the App Store. Active Directory Management tasks include: Create Users & Groups Unlock Accounts Reset User Passwords Manage User and Group Membership Disable/Enable User Accounts Edit Account […]

Read More… for Android 2.2 Update Includes Improvements to SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC and ARD

The team has been continuously working hard to improve on Android. Features such as SSH/Telnet, VNC/RDP/ARD have all been improved in this release, as well as a new Whois query support feature under the Tools section. Improvements: Added F11 and F12 keys to SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC and ARD New mouse cursor […]

Read More… 2.1 for Android Released With New VMware Management Features

The team has been working hard to roll out additional features for VMware on Android! Using 2.1, IT Administrators can now take a VMware Snapshot, Revert to Current Snapshot, View and Dismiss Alarms all from their Android device. Support for vCenter 4.0 has also been added. Among the new VMware features, the team […]

Read More… 2.0 for Android Features Amazon Web Services Management & Network Tools is kicking off 2014 by adding new Network Tools and support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) management to the app for Android. Released at Google Play, 2.0 for Android allows administrators to manage their Amazon Web Services EC2 Instances and S3 Buckets. The new network tools allow administrators to make ping requests, chart […]

Read More… 2.5 for iOS Releases New Features for VMware Management

VMware management just got better on the mobile app for iOS devices! IT Administrators can now take a VMware Snapshot, Revert to Current Snapshot, View and Dismiss Alarms, all from their iOS device. Additional VMware features allows admins to connect quickly to a remote console with RDP, SSH or VNC, as well as support […]

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