Announcing 3.1: Available on Android and BlackBerry 10

The team is proud to announce the release of 3.1 for Android and BlackBerry 10! Due to popular request, we’ve added a ton of Windows Server management features.

On top of the existing Windows features, 3.1 now allows you to:

  • Reboot and Shutdown Windows Servers
  • Start, Stop, Pause and Resume Services
  • View and Clear Event Logs
  • Browse Windows Drives and File Shares
  • View Drive Usage and Edit File Properties
  • Create Files and Folders
  • Download, View and Edit Files
  • Copy, Move, Rename Files and Folders

Existing Windows features include:

  • Active Directory: Manage Users & Groups
  • Remote Desktop: See the screen, control the mouse and keyboard

All of these Windows management features support our new Private Network Connector. For secure access to your servers behind the firewall, download the Private Network Connector here.

Download 3.1 from your app store:

We also added tons of bug fixes, performance improvements and UI tweaks. If you’re an iOS user, don’t worry! More exciting features are coming your way soon as well.

Has Your Free Trial Expired?

If your free trial license has expired please email and we can extend your trial in order to try the new version.


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