New Features For The Web App

We have been working hard to make all of our features available across all devices and platforms. With the latest release of our Web App, we have made tons of new features accessible from your desktop. We’ve added many new management functions to our Windows feature, as well as some other features which are brand-new to the Web App.

With this version of the Web App, we have significantly expanded the Windows management capabilities. These new Windows features include: DNS Manager, DHCP Manager, Event Viewer, Microsoft Exchange Management, File Explorer, Hyper-V, Powershell, Printer Management, Shared Folders, System Information, Task Manager and Task Scheduler.

Other new features include the ability to manage XenApp and XenServer. You can reset and disconnect sessions, manage Applications, Delivery Groups, Machine Catalogs and much more. Plus, you can restart virtual machines and securely connect to the VM consoles.

Login to our Web App today to try out all our new features!

Please keep the feature requests coming! We’d love to hear about other features that we should add to make our product more useful. To send us a feature request, email