Version 4.6 Has Arrived

We are pleased to announce that Version 4.6 is now available! This version now supports accessing any device with a web-based user interface including most routers, switches, network attached storage devices, printers and more! You can also take advantage of the secure connection of the Private Network Connector to access web-based user interfaces located inside your firewall without the need to open a separate VPN client.

Manage Routers and Switches 

Most routers and switches, and many other network devices come equipped with their own web-based user interfaces for management purposes. These web-based user interfaces are used to view and edit the current configuration of the router. You can also view the current status of the router, routing information, interface stats, and logs. This information can be used to diagnose and resolve problems with the router or switch. Routers and switches from Cisco, Netgear, Linksys, Mikrotik, D-Link and Asus all have web-based user interfaces. 

Manage Network-Attached Storage Devices 

Most NAS devices also have web-based user interfaces for management purposes. We have added the ability to access these web-based user interfaces from vendors such as: IBM, EMC, NetApp, Synology and Netgear. These web-based user interfaces can be accessed remotely to configure and monitor the NAS device. Perform actions like shutdown or restart, view disk space availability, view and edit configuration settings.

Troubleshoot Printers

Printers from HP, Brother, Epson and Canon also have web-based user interfaces factory installed. We have added the ability to remotely connect to these web-based UIs to view toner levels, network settings, the configuration page and much more for troubleshooting printer problems from your smartphone.

This release also includes several bug fixes.