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How is my keychain securely encrypted?

The Keychain is encrypted on the client side with AES using a hash of the account password. The clients store the encryption key based on the user password and use that decryption key to decrypt the keychain when needed. With the secure keychain, you can quickly access your services without having to enter your credentials […]

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How do I setup Amazon Web Services administration?

To setup Amazon Web Services administration on the service, you will need your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. You can get the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key by following these steps in the AWS Management Console: Sign in to the AWS Management Console by clicking on this link: Open […]

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How do I enable and use the and 1Password extension?

Follow these steps to setup the 1Password keychain integration for IT Manager on iOS: Install 1Password Enable the extension: Launch Safari. Tap the share button in the middle of the bottom toolbar to bring up the share sheet. Slide the bottom row of icons (just above the Cancel button) all the way to the left. […]

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