7.1 – Released

Sharing, Windows Updates, and WSUS

We are happy to announce the release of 7.1. This release includes some of our top requested features including server sharing, monitor sharing, Windows Update management, WSUS management and enhancements to monitoring networks for outages.



We now support Sharing Services and Sharing Monitors with other users on your team. Simply edit a service or a monitor and select the “Shared” checkbox and this will share that service or monitor with all of the other users on your team so that they can view this monitor and connect to this service. This allows a single user to create a monitor then everyone on your team can see the monitoring data and be notified about outages, no need for each user to create a monitor for a server anymore.

Windows Updates & WSUS

Windows Update management is also new. You can now see which Windows Updates are installed, which are available and start installing new updates remotely from your phone.

We also added support for WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). You can view available updates and approve or decline them. You can also manage computers and synchronization.

Windows Server Update Services

Network Monitor

We have also added a new type of monitor called a network monitor. Network monitors will notify you when an entire remote network is not responding. This replaces the current functionality which sent a notification from every monitor on the remote network. This allows us to reduce the number of redundant notifications which occur when a remote network goes down, but also makes it much more customizable.

Customers should have received the 7.1 update automatically, but if you did not, you can download it from your App Store.

Download the latest 3.0 client from your app store:

If you are not a customer you can buy from our website.

If you are an existing customer and want to add new users in order to share monitors and servers you can add new users to your account in Manage Users.