6.1 – Office 365 Released

Managing Office 365, Users, Groups and Licensing

We are happy to announce the release of 6.1 with support for managing Microsoft Office 365. Our top requested feature recently has been managing Office 365 integrated into the single dashboard of You can now create, edit and delete Users or Groups. You can also reset User passwords from anywhere. You can also add and remove users from Groups. Finally we have had a lot of requests for managing Office 365 Licensing, so you can assign licenses to Users and view licensing usage statistics.

If you are already a customer of Standard or higher you will get Office 365 for free as part of your service plan. If you are not a subscriber of, you can purchase a subscription from our website.

Managing Office 365 is integrated into our iOS, Android and Web apps. You should have received the update automatically, but you can also download it today from your preferred app store:

Did you know, we developed our Office 365 management UI using our new Custom API integration? You can also integrate your own custom management UI into the app quickly and easily with just a little bit of server side code. You can integrate any service that you want into the UI.  Ask us today about trying this new feature.

Our next release, version 6.2 will include scheduled reports as well as our Enterprise Server supporting MacOS and Linux.