and PagerDuty Allow IT Administrators to Fix Issues Faster is proud to announce that it has integrated with IT Operations platform PagerDuty. is a mobile-first software service allowing network administrators to manage and monitor their networks from anywhere. The PagerDuty platform assists businesses by improving their reliability and resolving critical incidents faster with custom SMS, phone call, email and push notifications.

This integration followed a large number of requests for integrating with PagerDuty, as many IT administrators are currently using PagerDuty to coordinate the delivery of notifications and coordinate a response. PagerDuty extends the capabilities of’s management and monitoring services to ensure IT issues are raised, directed to the right person, actioned, and resolved quickly.

Alerts raised by monitoring can be configured to be sent to PagerDuty. The relevant information is sent to PagerDuty and an alert is automatically routed to the IT administrator on-call at the time of the incident. Using PagerDuty custom escalation rules, the incident will automatically escalate and notify the next person in line. Each individual user in PagerDuty can configure their notification preferences to get alerted as many times as they’d like using a notification of their choice.

About is a mobile-first SaaS that enables IT administrators to remotely manage networks and servers from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or a web browser. has been purchased by hundreds of businesses around the world. The latest version of now includes monitoring to proactively inform IT administrators when IT incidents occur.

About PagerDuty

PagerDuty is an IT Operations platform that allows users to set up custom on-call schedules and automatically escalate alerts. PagerDuty also provides smart alerting capabilities to reduce alert fatigue, collaboration integrations to make it easier for teams to resolve incidents together as well as analytics to show your resolution trends.

You will find detailed step-by-step instructions in our Integration Guide here: Pager Duty Integration Guide