4.1 with new Keychain is here!

The team is pleased to announce the release of 4.1 for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and our Web App. This new release includes our new keychain feature, which allows you to securely store all your credentials and login quickly with your saved credentials.


New Keychain Feature

Our new keychain feature makes it easy to share credentials between multiple server connections, share the same credentials between any of your SSH, VNC, BES, Windows or VMware servers. You can also quickly connect to the remote console of VMware Virtual Machines and Amazon EC2 Instances using your saved credentials stored inside your secure keychain. These credentials will be stored securely in your encrypted keychain. Integration with 1Password keychain is also available for iOS.


Other Improvements now includes support forĀ VMware ESX 6.0. This release also has several bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have any requests for new features or improvements, please do not hesitate to submit a request via the website.

Download Now

You should have already received 4.1 via automatic app update. If you did not, please visit your preferred app store to download the latest version: