2.0 Released with SSH, Telnet, VNC, ARD, RDP & Windows Management

Smarter Apps is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 2.0, which was released today on the iTunes App Store. The updated release includes many new features including SSH, Telnet, VNC, ARD, RDP as well as Windows Management functions.

This app is very, very good! Congratulations…we love on our iPads!

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New Features

With this new release, can now be used to manage any aspect of your cloud or private infrastructure. The SSH and Telnet features allow management of Unix, mainframes, routers or switches, practically anything which allows a terminal connection. As well the VNC, ARD and RDP features allow an administrator to connect to the graphical console of a computer in order to control the keyboard and mouse. The new 2.0 release also adds management of Windows servers. Administrators can connect to Windows computers, restart individual Services or reboot computers remotely. ITmanager.net2.0 also includes previous features of Google Apps and Amazon Web Services management tasks.

“Smarter Apps is committed to making the best network administration app available today. Our newest 2.0 release adds tools that are critical for managing Unix and Windows servers.” says Paul Dumais of Smarter Apps, “This release is a giant leap forward for the app and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our customers that we will continue to add even more features and improve, making it even more useful with every release.”

How to download

The app is available today to download for free from the iTunes App Store. comes with a free 14 day trial, afterwards a subscription must be purchased in order to unlock the management tasks functionality. Pricing starts at $2.99/week, $10/month or $99/year.

Download for free from the App Store.

About Smarter Apps

The team behind Smarter Apps are the creators of the first mobile network administration app, Idokorro Mobile Admin and also the creators of the BlackBerry App World storefront. Millions of mobile users use apps created by the Smarter Apps team every day.

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