IT Manager Mobile App Released on the iTunes App Store

Smarter Apps releases the IT Manager app that allows network administrators to manage their servers and networks from virtually anywhere using their iPhone or iPad.


The initial release of IT Manager supports management of some of the most popular cloud hosting services such as Google Apps and Amazon Web Services. Before the end of 2012 many more traditional services will be added such as Windows, Unix and Database administration. Administrators can perform hundreds of critical tasks such as restarting servers, creating accounts or resetting passwords from their smartphones.

“We are very excited about the launch of IT Manager and the potential it has to save time for IT Administrators and money for the companies that they work for,” said David MacFarlane of Smarter Apps. “When network problems are resolved quickly using a mobile app, costly network or server downtime is avoided. IT Manager allows IT Administrators to instantly resolve those problems using their mobile device and that means they don’t have to return to their offices when problems arise which improves their quality of life.”

The IT Manager app is available today to download for Free from the iTunes App Store and no other steps are required to get it up and running. The IT Manager app uses an innovative pay-per-use pricing model, where administrators will only pay when they use the software to perform an administrative action, such as restarting a server will cost $0.99.

About Smarter Apps

The team behind Smarter Apps are the developers of some of the most successful mobile apps on the market today, including creating the first mobile network administration app Idokorro Mobile Admin and creating the BlackBerry App World storefront. Many of their apps have reached the top 10 and millions of mobile users use apps from Smarter Apps every day.

To learn more about the IT Manager app, visit our website.

How to download IT Manager

Download IT Manager for free from the App Store.