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PagerDuty and work seamlessly together to provide you with the best remote notifications, monitoring and management possible!

Fix incidents more quickly with the power of combining and PagerDuty. monitors your servers and networks polling for incidents and notifies PagerDuty if one occurs. PagerDuty will then notify the correct person and include a link to open the app to the affected server. Check what monitors have been triggered from the app, what caused the incident and take corrective action. PagerDuty even sends you a notification letting you know that the incident has been resolved! Check out and PagerDuty together in action below.

FAQ for and PagerDuty

How do and PagerDuty work together? will monitor your servers, detect any incidents and notify you through PagerDuty.

Can I access through the PagerDuty app?

Yes! If a notification occurs in the PagerDuty app you can click on the link and it will automatically take you to the app where you can see the issue at hand.

What happens after the incident is fixed?

PagerDuty will send you a notification once the incident is fixed using the app. Clicking on the notification will bring you back to the PagerDuty app where you will see there are no longer any incidents.

What platforms are and Pagerduty available on? and PagerDuty are available on both iOS and Android.

Need help integrating into PagerDuty? Check out our PagerDuty App Integration Guide here!

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