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With the Custom Monitoring API you can monitor any value on almost any server and be notified if the server goes down or the value changes outside of normal parameters.  In order to do this you must implement an HTTP server using your preferred web technology that returns a simple JSON object.  The service will perform an HTTP GET on the URL specified in the Custom Monitor, then it will look at the JSON object that is returned.
The format of the JSON is as specified:
– success: either true or false, depending on if the monitoring request was successful
– value: the value returned to the monitor, this value could represent any numeric value, such as disk space, temperature, network usage, etc.
– error: in the event of success=false, the error field must be returned with an error message
In the app, simply:
  1. Select Add under the Monitoring tab
  2. Select Custom and enter the URL of the server that responds to the HTTP GET request
  3. The monitoring of the server will begin

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