5.1 Released

Now supports Face ID, fingerprint and more

We are happy to announce the release of version 5.1 app with many performance and security-related improvements for both iOS and Android.

The 5.1 iOS app now officially supports the new iPhone X and it’s all-screen design. Our RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet functions have been modified to support the iPhone X and its rounded corners and TrueDepth camera area.

The new version also supports Face ID and Touch ID in order to unlock our app. Simply select the “Password Lock” checkbox in the “Settings” tab in order to enable this feature.

The 5.1 Android app now also supports Fingerprint authentication when unlocking the app. Simply select the “Password Lock” option in the “Settings” tab in order to use your fingerprint to unlock the app.

In addition to these new features, the app has supported Two Factor Authentication for many years. For high security customers we recommend enabling this feature as well.

You should have already received 5.1 via automatic app update. If you did not, please visit your preferred app store to download the latest version:

Download the latest 3.0 client from your app store: