4.3 Now Includes Microsoft Hyper-V, PowerShell and More

We are pleased to announce the release of 4.3, available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry! This release includes many new features requested by our users, and we hope that they will make our app more useful for everyone. 

Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V allows users to start, stop, reset, pause, delete and view the status and screens of Virtual Machines.


Users can now run any PowerShell commands with a full interactive command prompt. 

Windows DHCP Manager

With this feature, users can manage leases, options, scopes, pools, reservations as well as allow and disallow filters. 

Windows DNS Manager, Task Manager and Event Logs

With Windows DNS Manager, users can view and delete DNS entries. Windows Task Manager allows users to view processes, memory usage, CPU and kill processes. Windows Event Logs enable users to view log entries and clear logs. 

Download Now

Please visit your preferred app store to download 4.3 if you have not already received the update.