2.0 for Android Features Amazon Web Services Management & Network Tools is kicking off 2014 by adding new Network Tools and support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) management to the app for Android.

Released at Google Play, 2.0 for Android allows administrators to manage their Amazon Web Services EC2 Instances and S3 Buckets. The new network tools allow administrators to make ping requests, chart the responses, as well as run traceroutes to diagnose networking issues. We have also added support for VMware ESX 4.X.

New Amazon Web Services (AWS) Features:

  • Start, Stop, Terminate, Reboot, EC2 Instances
  • View EC2 Instance Details, Status and System Logs
  • Create and Delete S3 Buckets
  • Browse S3 Files and Folders, View File Information and Meta Data
  • Delete, Rename and Make Public S3 Files

New Network Tools:

  • Ping: View Successes and Failures and chart response times
  • Traceroute: Diagnose network route issues visually

Learn more about features.

The mobile app is a subscription based app that can be purchased for $99 per year.

How to download

Download your free trial of by visiting your mobile device’s app store. If your trial period has expired, update the app now and get 3 more days free to use all the features of the app!

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