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The Next Level: New Pricing Tiers Have Arrived!

We are switching from our flat rate pricing model to tiered pricing in recognition of all the new features that we have added over the years.

The mobile app and service has always had one price but this one-size-fits-all approach only fits a limited number of customers. Starting today, we are offering four different prices with different levels of functionality and support to make our service attractive to all sizes of business as well as home users.

It is very common for small companies to offer flat rate pricing as they have one product and therefore one price. Our new variety of pricing tiers reflects our growing list of features which we have grouped into packages at different prices targeting different types of IT Administrators.

Our four tiers are Lite, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Here is a link to the detailed features and support characteristics of the new pricing tiers:

The Lite version is targeted at home users or individual IT Admins. The Standard version includes Windows administration and we expect small IT teams may opt for this level of functionality. The professional tier contains all of our standard features and we expect medium-sized IT departments or MSPs will choose this level of functionality.

The main feature of the Enterprise version is the custom API that allows a company with IT Developers to utilize our APIs to build a custom integration to monitor or manage any app, website or hardware appliance. We envision this would be most attractive to larger corporate IT departments.

All of our existing customers will be subscribed to the Professional plan at the same price that they are currently paying.

We also continue to offer month to month pricing but at a 20% premium. So you can subscribe to the Lite tier at $5 per month if you pay $60 for the whole year. If you want to subscribe to the Lite tier and pay every month, the price would be $6 every month.

If you have any questions about the pricing changes, we would love to hear from you.  Please email Or call Sean Murphy at 1-800-371-4841×702 in North America or 1-613-404-5814 internationally.

There is an interesting blog post on Saas Pricing models on the CoBloom blog here:

The Kissmetrics blog also has a post with a bunch of different examples of pricing strategies here:

New Features For The Web App

We have been working hard to make all of our features available across all devices and platforms. With the latest release of our Web App, we have made tons of new features accessible from your desktop. We’ve added many new management functions to our Windows feature, as well as some other features which are brand-new to the Web App.


With this version of the Web App, we have significantly expanded the Windows management capabilities. These new Windows features include: DNS Manager, DHCP Manager, Event Viewer, Microsoft Exchange Management, File Explorer, Hyper-V, Powershell, Printer Management, Shared Folders, System Information, Task Manager and Task Scheduler.


Other new features include the ability to manage XenApp and XenServer. You can reset and disconnect sessions, manage Applications, Delivery Groups, Machine Catalogs and much more. Plus, you can restart virtual machines and securely connect to the VM consoles.


Login to our Web App today to try out all our new features!


Please keep the feature requests coming! We’d love to hear about other features that we should add to make our product more useful. To send us a feature request, email

Major Windows Features Now Available in 4.3

Thanks to all of our great existing and potential customers for the hundreds of feature requests that we received during 2015. Our Windows management solution already included RDP and Active Directory but we had lots of requests to enhance our Windows offerings.

Version 4.3 is available today and it is packed with new Windows administration features including PowerShell, Hyper-V, DHCP and DNS Management, Event Logs and Task Manager.

These features are all available on iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Please keep the feature requests coming, we want to hear about other features that we should add to make our product more useful. To send us a feature request, email

Please download the latest version and try it out. We hope that it saves you an unscheduled trip to the office.

Fix Problems Faster with and PagerDuty

We are pleased to officially announce the and PagerDuty integration! PagerDuty, an operations performance platform, delivers visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire incident lifecycle. This platform assists businesses by improving their reliability and resolving critical incidents faster with custom SMS, phone call, email and push notifications.

The latest releases of the mobile clients all support monitoring so that our service can proactively tell you when one of your servers has gone down. Now that we have added integration with the PagerDuty API, companies who use the PagerDuty service can deliver notifications to their on-call IT Technicians via PagerDuty.

This integration followed a large number of requests for integrating with PagerDuty, as many IT administrators are currently using PagerDuty to coordinate the delivery of notifications and coordinate a response. Integrating notifications with delivery through PagerDuty was an easy decision, since it adds value to both services by helping IT departments respond faster to IT incidents.

Setting up PagerDuty as your delivery mechanism for notifications is a three step process. The first step is to obtain a PagerDuty API key from the PagerDuty website. The second step is to paste the PagerDuty API key into your mobile client or web app. The third step is to edit each monitor to enable PagerDuty notifications.

Detailed instructions can be found in our PagerDuty integration guide: Integration with 1Password


The latest version of for iOS includes integration with the 1Password app! 1Password is an application that stores all of your website passwords. You conveniently only need one password to access all of them, your password for 1Password. Once this password is created, you can use it to login to any website or app.

 1Password has many other helpful features and services including:

  • Folders, favourites and tags to help you organize your data.
  • Strong Password Generator, used to create passwords that are unique and difficult to guess.
  • Creating and sharing with multiple vaults.
  • Ability to sync data across your devices through iCloud, Dropbox or Wifi.

Download the latest version of in the App Store to get started with the 1Password integration.