VMware ESXi client for iOS

VMware ESXi client for iOS

ESXi for iOS. Manage both vCenter Servers and standalone ESXi Hypervisor servers using ITmanager.net. Browse your network by Hosts, Virtual Machines or Datacenters. The vCMA server is not required. All on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.


Read our management, monitoring or security features.

Manage VMs

Power Off and On, Suspend, Resume, Reset & Shutdown VMs

ESXi & vCenter

Support for ESXi vSphere Hypervisor and vCenter Server

Manage Hosts

Reboot, Shutdown, Connect, Disconnect, Enter/Exit maintenance mode


Take Snapshots; Revert to current Snapshot

VMware 4.0+

ITmanager.net supports VMware 4.0 and above

Monitor Hosts and VMs

View memory, CPU and Storage Usage of Hosts and V


View and Dismiss Alarms & Alerts

Status and Screenshots

Virtual Machines Lists show Screenshots, Status and Alarms

Browse Networks

Browse networks by Hosts, Virtual Machines or Datacenters

Remote Console

Connect to Remote Console with RDP, SSH or VNC

How to connect to the VMware Console

1. Open up your list of Services
2. Select VMware in your list of Servers
3. When VMware opens click on Virtual Machines
4. Click on the Virtual Machine that shows the Console and select open console

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