Announcing 3.0: Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry
Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014

Announcing the new Private Network Connector! Our newest feature is a secure VPN built into the app allowing you to manage any server behind your firewall from your mobile device. The Private Network Connector works on a Cellular or remote Wifi connection without the need for VPN software.

Benefits of the Private Network Connector

  • No VPN software or hardware required
  • Secure SSL connections
  • No firewall changes or agents to install
  • Supports multiple users
  • Supports multiple Private Networks
  • Connector is optional, VPN and Wifi still supported

Download the Connector from a server on your network:

New Features


  • Support for RDP Network Level Authentication
  • Support for the Private Network Connector

BlackBerry 10

  • Active Directory administration
  • Amazon Web Services administration
  • Much faster RDP, VNC and SSH implementation
  • Whois, DNS and Subnet Calculator Tools
  • Support for the Private Network Connector


  • Support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server administration
  • Support for the Private Network Connector
  • Download now available from the Amazon App Store

Here's what our customers are saying

"Great Product - We're using this to support many remote sites and it keeps getting better with every update!"

    ★★★★★  - Stephen Thompson, May 27, 2014

"IT Network Admin - The best network app ever! Does what 4 or 5 apps do and more all in one."

    ★★★★★  - Nick8304, May 08, 2014

"This App is awesome. Support is great and the developers are very receptive to feature requests. If you are an IT Manager, this App is a must have. Paying for the license, it is worth every penny."

    ★★★★★  - compzone, Mar 20, 2014

"Well worth the subscription. This app has been part of my daily workflow for a while now. proves admin tools don't have to be ugly."

    ★★★★★  - Dr Creek, Jan 15, 2014

"Looks like the most complete SysAdmin tool for Mac, Windows, Linux, and ESXi. Currently subscribed, as it could pay for itself with a couple of uses."

    ★★★★★  - Bruce Garlock, Dec 27, 2013


Download the latest 3.0 client from your app store:

Get it on Google Play
Available on the Apple Store
Get it at BlackBerry World
Available at Amazon

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