2.1 for Android Released With New VMware Management Features
Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The team has been working hard to roll out additional features for VMware on Android!

Using 2.1, IT Administrators can now take a VMware Snapshot, Revert to Current Snapshot, View and Dismiss Alarms all from their Android device. Support for vCenter 4.0 has also been added. Among the new VMware features, the team has also included a new Subnet Calculator and made some UI updates to make even easier to use.

New VMware Features:

  • Take Snapshots and Revert to Current Snapshot
  • View and Dismiss Alarms
  • Support for vCenter 4.0

Other Updates:

  • New Subnet Calculator under the tools section
  • UI Updates
  • Bug fixes to RDP, VNC, and SSH

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