4.7 Release - New Monitoring Features for CPU, Disk, Memory, & SNMP
Posted on October 26th, 2016

We are happy to announce the 4.7 release, with additional server monitoring features.


You can now monitor Windows Servers for CPU, Memory, Services and Disk Space usage, get notified when a threshold is passed and fix the problem from anywhere with the mobile app.

Monitoring Details

We also now support monitoring network usage of devices using SNMP. Monitor bandwidth KB/sec usage on routers or systems and get notifications when limits are exceeded or routers go down.

We also have various other improvements in this release:

  • Monitors on Private Networks now send notifications if network is down.
  • Sort Services and Monitors by Name, Type, Status or Manually.
  • Fixed a Windows RDP authentication failure.
  • The Remote Console in Hyper-V has many fixes and improvements.
  • VMware bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • All of these features are now available in our iOS and Android apps, as well as from our web app.

You should have already received 4.7 via automatic app update. If you did not, please visit your preferred app store to download the latest version.