now supports the Apple Watch!
Posted on Monday, April 27, 2015

Save your company time and money with faster response time to IT issues with running on your Apple Watch! Get instant notifications of server downtime, glance at a server health dashboard and drill down to view monitoring reports all from your Apple Watch.

Server Health Dashboards at a Glance

Quickly glance at the overall health of your servers, downtime statistics over the last 24 hours and the last monitoring event to be triggered.

Instant Downtime Notifications

Reduce costly network downtime by responding more quickly to network or server issues with real-time alerts. You can choose to either dismiss the alert, or request more details directly from your Apple Watch.

The App for Apple Watch

Now you can use your Apple Watch to check out the scrollable list of your servers and their current statuses. Apple Watch Screenshot

You can also pull up graphs of the average, maximum or minimum response times of your servers as well as a scrollable list of Monitoring Events.

The Monitoring Event Screen allows you to diagnose the cause of the downtime. As soon as you receive notification of the problem on your watch, you can fix the problem by connecting to the server using the iOS app on your iPhone. Apple Watch Screenshot

Download now

If you have not already received 4.0 for iOS via automatic App update, please download it from the iTunes App Store:

Available on the App Store also supports Android push notifications to Android watches with 4.0 for Android.

For more information on remote server monitoring from the Apple Watch, please visit our Apple Watch page.


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