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Major Windows Features Now Available in ITmanager.net 4.3

Thanks to all of our great existing and potential customers for the hundreds of feature requests that we received during 2015. Our Windows management solution already included RDP and Active Directory but we had lots of requests to enhance our Windows offerings.

Version 4.3 is available today and it is packed with new Windows administration features including PowerShell, Hyper-V, DHCP and DNS Management, Event Logs and Task Manager.

These features are all available on iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Please keep the feature requests coming, we want to hear about other features that we should add to make our product more useful. To send us a feature request, email features@itmanager.net.

Please download the latest version and try it out. We hope that it saves you an unscheduled trip to the office.

Find Answers to FAQs in Our New Knowledge Base

We have always been happy to help IT Administrators get started with their free trial of our remote network management and monitoring software. We already offer email, phone or website chatting support, and we have now greatly expanded our website’s support section to make it even easier to get ITmanager.net up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online knowledge base is full of answers to the questions that we are asked the most, such as:
How do I setup the Private Network Connector?
How do I move a Service into a Folder?
How do I add an Active Directory connection?

Step By Step Instructions and Videos

On top of having answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions, our online knowledge base also has detailed, step-by-step instructions for overcoming the most common hurdles people face while installing and using ITmanager.net. In many cases, we also provide video tutorials.

Get Support Via Phone, Email, Chat or Find Answers Online

Our online knowledge base is perfect for do-it-yourselfers who would prefer to get started without calling or emailing us. However we still offer phone, email and website chat support. We would love to hear from you! To contact us, call us at 1-800-371-4841, email us at support@itmanager.net, or chat with us on our website www.itmanager.net .

Visit the Knowledge Base

You can visit our knowledge base on the support page: www.itmanager.net/support

ITmanager.net 2014 Year in Review and a Preview of 2015

What a year it has been for ITmanager.net!  Our goal has always been to continue adding features to make the product much more valuable for all our existing and new customers.  Here’s a summary of some of the features we added this past year.

  • January: Released 2.0 for Android with Amazon Web Services management, Ping & Traceroute
  • February: Released 2.2 for Android with new VMware features, Subnet Calc, Whois
  • March: Released 2.6 for iOS with Active Directory
  • April: Released 2.7 for iOS and 2.3 for Android with VMware enhancements
  • June: Released 3.0 with Private Network Connector built-in VPN
  • July: Released 3.1 for Android with Windows Services, File Explorer, Event Logs
  • September: Released the Web app, ITmanager.net can now be used on any computer!
  • October: Released 3.2 for iOS with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support
  • November: Released 3.2.10 with improvements to mouse cursor in RDP, VNC and ARD

Active Directory Web Client - itmanager.net

The new ITmanager.net web app – Active Directory.

We have some very exciting new features planned for 2015 including an integrated Monitoring and Notifications solution, Apple Watch app, HyperV, Powershell as well as completing feature parity between our Web, iOS, BB10 and Android apps.

We want to thank all of our existing customers for their ongoing support as we welcome a whole new group of customers in 2015. Please keep the feature requests coming so that we can add the features you need the most.

All the best for 2015!

The ITmanager.net Team